Stellar Conflicts:
A free, real time action combat game, played in your browser using the Adobe Flash plugin. Compete by yourself, in a team, or with your squad in several different types of zones.

Players can upgrade and buy new ships, do missions (including being a mercenary), trade goods, and help their team domainate the galaxy!

Sever Reloaded, backups completed

April 2nd, 2012

While an automated control panel update took place, a security issue with the update occurred and the server was taken offline.  In order to be certain of the server health, the server was re-imaged and backups were used.  There should be no account data loss, but the item specifications and some system details may have changed.

Latency improvements

December 20th, 2011

Improvements to help fine tune the “jumpiness” the game can have at times has been improved for people with better connections. In options players can now alter the “Delay time” that the game is buffered to help ease the jumping and sluggishness of their ships according to how fast their connection is. A few tweaks will still be needed for players who experience higher ping times.

Sept 10th Upate – Missions and SC Outlook

October 20th, 2011

Mission are in now. There isn’t a window to show the status of your missions while flying (yet) but everything else is fully functional.

You can have up to 3 missions are one time.

This last feature basically is that last one that needed to be recoded into the client. From now on its cleaning up code and the features, and working on newer features.

I would like to hear feedback from players on the game lag. I know there flight system is not 100% but I am wondering how things are running when there are multiple ships on the screen, and many gunshots.

Noted Changes to be made:
- Seekers missiles will be removed, all missiles will be “dumbfire” the “Seeker” missile class will become a pierciing missile that goes through shields.

- Trade goods are going to be changed, and later squad bases will be able to convert lower level goods into higher level goods.

- The old zone 600, will become a race challenge zone again, but the map will be divided into 3-4 teams, one being a pirate team (no trading, just killing and possibly salvaging). Starbases will be “live” similar to squad bases, and upon death the team killing it will capture it and build a new one.
- I am also considering in making this a 4-5 race zone, where races would spontaneously ally up, or declar war on each other, havent decided.

Refer to forum topic for more info

Stellar Conflicts is Back!

September 10th, 2011

Welcome to Stellar Conflicts! After so years of being hosted on Gecko-games, we’ve finally decided to move the game to it’s own domain. Please bear with us as we’re still working on some website issues with scoring etc. However you should be able to log into the the game no problem on the game page.

Sit back, relax and joy the game!

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