Stellar Conflicts is a real time online multiplayer space game.

The game consists of players playing in a system in space. The system is divided up into a grid format viewable by the map (F8). The system consists of starbases, planets, navigational points and squad bases.

Players begin with a basic ship, which they can purchase new weapons and upgrades. Players can buy new ships, and be able to switch between which ship they want to use. Players can buy specials for certain ships, like cloak, stealth etc, as well as different types of missiles, which begins to turn this action game into a game of strategy.

Players can make funds by trading between starbases and planets at the trade goods building, by completing missions, or by killing other players in the game. For killing another player you will game, your funds will increase by their bounty, and a portion of thier bounty will become a part of your score.

Score is made by killing other players, killing Ai ship, killing bases, or by doing missions.

There is no limit to the amount of lives you have, and there is no penalty for death. This is a game for fighting!

The Objective? To do whatever you want!

Hunt Down other players, Become a trader to buy the most powerful ships. You can play by your self, join a team, or even join a squad and become the most powerful force in the game.

Login Screen:

When you first enter the game you will be brought to the login screen.

Here you can Login as a Member, create a New Account, or Login as a Guest.

Your names and passwords will automatically be converted to uppercase, so your login names and passwords are not case sensitive.

Members login by entering your Login Name and Password in the Members window, click the Login button at the bottom of the window to enter. Members can save thier game. Members do not get a # placed at the front of thier name in the game.

Click the Create An Account if you wish to create and account. Accounts are free and are required if you wish to save your game. An email account is not required.

Account Creation:

Accounts are free, and are required to save your game, join a squad, and to transfer funds.

Enter your desired Name, your Password, and if you desire, and Email address (for password retrieval purposes only).

Your name must be 3 – 11 Characters long, is allowed spaces but you may not have a space at the begining or end of your name. It can only contains letters and numbers.

Your password must be 3 – 11 Characters long and is not allowed any spaces. It can only contains letters and numbers.

Both your name and password will be converted to uppercase letters.

Click Create account to create the account or cancel to return to the main login screen.

If there is a problem with your account, a message will be shown on the screen.

Bases Overview:

The base is where you can customize your ship, buy a new ship, take on a mission, change your preferences, save your game, and buy and sell trade goods. The label at the top tell you what base you crurently are at.

To enter a shop, place click on the icon of where you wish to go.

Click Save game is you wish to save your game.
Save Games do not save your ships missiles, but they do save your cargo.

Click Exit Base, to exit your base and start playing the game, you can always dock and return to the base screen.

The first screen displayed is the hangar. Here is shows your current ships and what they are equipped with below them.

Your current in use ship has the two button below it listed as Current and Current. You can not sell the current ship you are using.

If you own other ships, you can sell the ship, or transfer to it by clicking the appropriate button.
If you change ships, you will loose you current missiles and cargo.

If a location is empty the buttons bellow it will say Purchase New Ship, select this button to Purchase a ship.

When Viewing Ship Statistics In Your Hangar:
Base Bty – This is how much bounty your ship is worth.
Ship Name – Name of the type of ship
Shield Gen – Current Shield Generator
Max Shield – Shield power at Full Strength
Energy Gen – Current shield generator
Charge Rate – Charge Rate per Second
Energy Cap – Current Energy Capacitor
Max Energy – Maximum Energy
Hardpoint #: What type of weapon is loaded on this Hardpoint
Turret #: What type of turret is loaded on this position

Purchasing a new ship:

In here you can purchase your new ship, press the left to right arrows (if lit up) to scroll the list of ships available. Below each ship is listed its price, and its statistics. Click the Buy button at the bottom of the current ship window, of the ship you wish to buy. Once you buy your new ship, click exit to return to the hangar, buying another ship will void the previous purchase and you will not receive your money back.

New Ship Statistics:

Rotation Degrees / Second:
When Stationary – This is how much this ship can turn indegrees per second when stopped
Loss at Full Speed – This percentage is how much turning speed this ship will loose at top speed.
Max Speed – Maximum Engine Speed of this ship
Aft. Speed – Maximum Afterburner Speed of this ship (when you hold shift)
Acceleration – Acceleration rate of this ship per second
Max Structure – Maximum Structure of this ship
Max Cargo – Maximum Cargo this Ship can hold
Turrets – Number of Turrets this ship can support
Top Weapon: The top weapon that your ship can purchase
Max Shield – The Maximum amount of shield this ship can support
Max Energy – The Maximum amount of shield this ship can support
Max Charge Rate – The Maximum energy charge rate this ship can support

The Maximum are when the ship contains its top level of item. Your new ship will begin with all of the basics.


This is where you can upgrade your ship and purchase items and missiles for it. Select your desired operation on the left menu. The lit up button is the current operation.


Here is where you can re-arrage you current gun setup, buy new guns and sell your guns for a small refund of the puchase price.
Re-Arranging – Simply Drap the gun you want to move to its new location, it will swap with whatever item is currently there.
Selling – Drag the gun you wish to sell into the Sell Weapon bracked to sell it, you will be asked to confirm this.
Buy – If you have an empty location for a gun, select the gun on the list at the top, scroll the list with the arrows, not all ships can use all the weapons. The Guns statistics are listed below it as well as the cost. Energy is how much energy the gun uses per shot. Speed is how far it will move per second, and your current ship speed will increase this speed. Lifetime is how many seconds your shot will last. Damage is how much damage it will cause. Reload is how many seconds it will take until the gun can fire again.


If your ship can carry turrets, you may pruchase, sell or re-arrange your turrets. It is conducted the same way as the Weapons/Guns are done. The only difference is, is that turrets cost more.


Ships can carry missiles, one time use items.
Select which Missile Bank you wish to load or view. A list of current missiles in this Missile Bank will be displayed. You can see how much room and how many missiles are loaded both on the list, and on the schematic of the missile bank.
To buy missiles, scroll through the list at the top and click the buy button to buy the selected type missile. Missile information is similar to Weapons/Guns except for the guidance section (see below). You will then be asked how many missiles you wish to buy and be told the maximum you can purchase.
Guidance Types:
Dumbfire – These missiles have no locking system and fly straight.
Seeker – These Missiles seek out and follow enemy ships. Cannot target bases, ai ships hosted by a teammate, or cloaked/stelathed ships that you are not detecting.
E.M.P. – These Missiles seek the same as a seeker, These missiles upon hitting a target, knocks out its energy and shields for a brief time.
Disrupter – These Missiles seek the same as a seeker, These missiles upon hitting a target, knocks its engines fo a brief time.


These are game specials, that a ship can carry. They are activated when you are playing the game.
Flares – At the time a flare is deployed in the game, All seeking missiles targeting the player ship, will suffer a chance of being distracted by the flare. %Chance refers to the odds that a seeking missile will be distracted by flare. The reload time and amount of energy used is listed in the flares information when being purchased.
Detector – A detector will detect nearby stealthed or cloaked ships. Detectors work on a pinging system. The reload time is the frequency that the detector will ping the local area. The %Chance is the odds that when the detector ping, it will detect a cloaked ship or stealthed ship. If the ship has been detected in a previous ping and the odds fail this time, the other ship will return to its cloaked or stealthed status. The detector uses its required energy each ping time, and will shut off if there is not enough energy. If a ship is detected a red/orange ring will flare up around it.
Stealth – Stealth hides the players ship on the other players radar. It also prevents other players from sending seekers at you, unless they have detected you. It works on a refreshing basis similar to the detector. The % chance is the odds that the stealth will work. If there is not enough energy, or it fails, the Stealth special will shut off. The reload time is how often the ship will need to re-stealth itself. When you cloak device is refreshing a yellowish ring will flare up on your ship.
Cloak – Cloak hides the players ship on the other players radar and makes you invisible to the other players. It also prevents other players from sending seekers at you, unless they have detected you. It works on a refreshing basis similar to the detector. The % chance is the odds that the cloak will work. If there is not enough energy, or it fails, the Cloak special will shut off. The reload time is how often the ship will need to re-Cloak itself. When you cloak device is refreshing a Blue ring will flare up on your ship.

Shield Generators:

This is where your shield power and recharge comes from. The cost indicates the upgrade cost, trade in is already included in the price. The schematic indicates what level of generator you have.
Recharge – How much your shield will recharge per second
Energy Drain/second:
Unit – How much energy the units drains per second
Full Charge – How much energy is draind by the shield when it is at full strength, half charge would drain half this number etc.
NOTE: If your shield drains more energy than your energy generator produces per second, you will not have any energy to fire! make sure your energy generator can handle the drain of the unit + drain at full charge!

Energy Generators

This item controls how much energy your ship produces per second. The cost indicates the upgrade cost, trade in is already included in the price. The schematic indicates what level of generator you have.
Recharge – How much energy will be regenerate per second.

Energy Capacitors:

This item controls how much energy your ship can store at any given time. The cost indicates the upgrade cost, trade in is already included in the price. The schematic indicates what level of capacitor you have.
Max Charge – How much energy your ship can store.

Trade Goods:

Trade goods is one of the easiest and quickest ways of making funds in this game. Trade goods can be bought and sold at each base. The In Game Map can tell you what each base buys and sells.

The Item name is listed in the item column, as well with the price. Prices change dynamically based on a hidden supply and demand markets. The Max Qty column, is the maximum items you can buy, set by price and cargo room left. The you own column indicates how many of this type of trade good you own. They quantity column is where you enter how much units you wish to buy or sell.

The Currently lit up button is the current operation in progress.

Buying Goods:

Press the Buy button to buy goods. A list will appear of what the base is currently selling. Enter the quantity of an item you wish to purchase and press the buy Button.

Selling Goods:

Press the Sell button to sell goods. A list will appear of what the base is currently buying. Enter the quantity of an item you wish to sell and press the sell Button.


This is where you can take on a mission. You can scroll through the missions available by clicking a lit up left or right arrow. The types of missions available changes each time you enter the missions screen.

For each mission there is a Reward for how many credits you will get upon completion, and a brief overview of what you must do. Missions do give you some score.

To select a mission click the button at the bottom of the mission you wish to do, your current mission has the reward set to as “Current”

Mission Types:


You need to stay near a designated Navigation (Nav) Point for a given amount of time. You do not need to kill anyone or anything.


You need to stay near a designated Navigation (Nav) Point for a given amount of time. This Navpoint must have no ships near it for that given time. If a ship comes to close, you will have to destroy it or scare it away.

Cargo Run:

You need to urgently run cargo to a gived base. If you can do this under a set time, you will be givin a bonus.


In here there are many features you can do.

Background Stars:

You can set the number of star patterns in the background, a lower number is best for speed.


Turning the game sound off may help game performance. You can also toggle this in the game by entering ?sound=off or ?sound=on in to your chat.


You can select a team number to join. If you enter a team number of N/A you will be set to having no team.
Teams higher than the number 10 are set as XXXX on the online players list, because they are considered as private teams.

Transfer Funds:

Here you can transfer funds to another player currently in the game. Select the box that states Enter Name and begin entering the players name. It will autocomplete the name of the player when enough information has been entered. Then enter the number of funds that you wish to save below, and press ok to send.


Here you can join a squad, Create and manage your squad, get info about the squad and create your base.
Squad Name – The current name of your squad.
Join Squad – In here you can join a squad with its name and password.
Squad Info – Here you can see the members of the squad, the location of the base or create a base if there is room on the map and if your squad does not currently have one.
Create Squad – Here you can create a new squad.
Manage Squad – Here you can disolve / destroy your squad, or destroy your base.
Leave Squad – Here you can choose to leave a squad, if you are not the owner of this squad.
NOTE: After joining or creating a squad, it is sometimes best to re-enter the game to make certain that you are logged in on your appropriate squad.

Basic Controls:


Up / Down: Accelerate / De-accelerate
Left / Right: Rotate Left / Rotate Right
Shift: Use After Burners


Control: Fire Guns

Space: Fire Currently activated Missile


To dock, enter the green cricle around a base or a planet. Slow down to a velocity of less that 20. Press d to dock, while the chat window is not activated.


The targeter is located at the bottom left of your screen, when playing. It indicates the information and the currently targeted ship. The ship currently targeted is also the ship your seeking missiles and auto turrets will fire at. It will contain a picture of the ship that you are curently targeting.

Information Provided:
Name: Name of the player who you have targeted. A Red name specify hostiles while a Yellow name specify friendlies.
Range: Distance to the targeted ship
BTY: Bounty of the current ship targeted
Shields: Estmated shield strength of the targeted ship
STRUCT: Estimated structure of the enemy ship
Direction: Direction of the targeted ship, relative to your ship/screen.


Your radar is located at the bottom left of the Main game screen. The white dot in the center represents your shp. The other dots represent other objects in the game based upon thier color. The location of the other dots is relative to the location of that item to your ship/screen. I.E. a dot to the right of the radar, would represent something to the right side of your screen.

Color Scheme:
Red – Enemy Ship, Human or Ai
Yellow – Friendly / Team Ship
Blue – Squad base or Ai Base
White – Navigation (Nav.) Point
Purple – Planet or Starbase

Grid Location:

The numbers and letters at the top of the ship, indicate what sector you are in. X represents sectors going horizontally (left to right), and Y represents sectors vertically (up and down). These sectors are the sames as you would see in the In Game Map.

Right Side Controls:

The control panel on the rightside allows you to set your weapons, and provides you with information.


This box contains the name of the hardpoint selected, and the missiletype selected to fire.
The two arrows the point left to right will change the Missile Bank you are using.
The up and down arrow will change the missile type you are using, within the current hardpoint.
The READY Button when Green indicates that a missile is ready to fire, when Red it indicates that ita missile is not ready to fire.
The AUTO button will automatically switch Missile Banks and pick the first missile available (if there is more that one Missile Bank on your ship) It will allow rapid fire between multiple banks.


Here there is a picture of you ships with guns on it.
Pressing the gun will turn on and off the selected gun/hardpoint.
When the gun is lit up, it is on, when it is not lit up it is off.
Guns automatically turn on when you begin playing.


Some ships can support turrets, which you have to purchase in the ship hardware.
Turrets can be set to OFF, AUTO, MANUAL
OFF – Turrets will not fire.
AUTO – Turrets will automatically aim and fire at a targeted hostile ship, or a base that is within range.
MANUAL – Turrets will constantly fire at the location of the mouse, relative to the ship/screen.


This is where you activate/deactivate or use your ships specials.
There are two slots for specials, clicking the arrow will cycle through your specials.
To activate/deactivate or use the selected special, while not chatting, press the key to the left of the specials name.
For more information on specials, visit the Ship Hardware information under Bases .


This box informs you of what type of mission you are on, and how much time is left.
Name – This will indicate what type of mission you need to do.
Satus – The text below the Name will show you the status of your mission, and the time left of your mission.
For more information on specials, visit the Missions information under Bases.


If you view your map, and select a location to go to, this screen will display the information about it and the direction needed to get to it.
Destination Name – Destination of where you are going
Distance – Distance to your desired location.
Direction Arrow – Points to where you need to go, relative to your ship/screen, to head to your desired location. It will dissapear when you arrive there.

Game Chat:

Basic chat is simple to use. Press the enter key to activate the chat window. It will turn a bright yellow. You can then type your message you wish to send. It will appear to all players and will be blue in color.

Chat Commands:

Whispering – To whisper someone in the game who is playing, the command is /w name message, so typing /w kyled Hello then pressing enter would message the player kyled with the message as Hello. Only you and the other player will receive this message, it will be green. To quickly respond to someone who has just whispered to you, you can begin your chat message with two colons :: , this will automaically set your chat to whisper to the last player who whispered you.

Team Chat – Begining a message with // will message all the players on your current team. The text will appear yellow.

Squad Chat – Begining a message with ; (semicolon) will send a message to all the players on your squad. The text will appear red.

Chat Functions:

The following is a list of commands you can use with the game chat. Simply activate the chat, type the command and press enter to execite it.

?kflag – activate the king of the flag game, if no flag is present and 4 or more players are present.
?sound=on – turns on game sound
?sound=off – turns off game sound

In Game Map:

The In Game Map helps you locate where you are, and where the other objects in the game are located. To access the map, press F8. Currently in order for the map to work, you need to at least have exited the Base once and then the map will work anytime.

Your ship is located with a white arrow head, indicating the direction your are going.

Navigational (Nav) points and Squad Bases are grey circles. Starbases and Planets are bue circles. Clicking on one of these icons will set this ass your heading, and the Information Window to the right will display information about it. By setting a location as your heading, when your close the map, your Navigation Window in the game section ( see Right Control Menu, in the Main Game playing section for more information about this window) will direct you to your location. The information part will aslo tell you what trade goods are available at the selected base.

There is a Legend at the bottom right of the map displaying what each icon means.

To Close the Map Again, press F8.

In Game Help:

The In Game Help offers instructions based on where you currently are in the game. Pressing F12 opens and closes the help screen.

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