Stellar Conflicts is a real time, 2-D overhead game. Designed with multi-player influences, players can battle it out in several different types of zones.

There is a brief tutorial players can run through to get a basic understanding of the game. The game has many features in it, but to simply enjoy the game, you only need to know a little more than just the basics.

After going through the tutorial, players can return the selection screen and choose from several different zones to play.
New player zones: Weaker AI
Standard Zone: Sandbox style area
Death Match: 2 teams/squads battling head To head
Race Conflict: Different races compete for control of the map, capturing bases.

The new player zones and standard zone is a basic galaxy. Players are divided into teams in which they can fight, trade and build squad bases. Here players can work towards building their resources for competing in the main combat zones, the Death Match zone and the Race Conflict zone. Players learn to use such things as the game map, in game help and how to efficiently pilot their ship.

In these zones, players have access to nearly all the features in the game. The ability to buy trade goods, select missions, upgrade and purchase new ships, and form squads, allow players to see the many features this game has. When players get more involved in the game they can form squads, build their squads a base where they can flee from or lure enemy ships to, and receive income from base production.

The Death Match Zone has 2 teams facing head to head. Their goal is simple, destroy the other teams bases. After successfully destroying their opponents base, the winning team is awarded score and credits for their victory. It’s simple, fast paced, and with several players facing each other at one time, it can become quite intense and enjoyable.

The Race Conflict Zone faces races head to head in a galaxy. Each race has its home planet, and in the galaxy lays several star bases that can be won by destroying them. Your map will indicate what base or planet is hostile by the colour around its icon. Blue – neutral, yellow – friendly, red – enemy controlled.

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