Try clearing your browsers cache and Re-entering the Game

Sometimes the loading of the game errors and it needs to be reloaded properly, clearing your cache can help.  Also, check that the version number in the bottom right of your game screen is the same that is on the website ( Sometimes updates will not be properly loaded ).

Sometimes bugs just happen, with all the communication between the server and your browser, and the countless calculations done, mishaps do occur.  If the problem persists, report it in the forum or two a moderator.

In-game jumping
If you issue is with in-game jumping, check that your connection is quick enough by reading your ping in the top left corner. If you have issues, this number will help us understand where to look at with your problems. There will be times when the game jumps a little bit, as your latency changes.

There are two main types:
Freezing of the game, due to poor computer specs (which can be helped by selecting a lesser quality setting when logging in).
Slugghisness of movement, as a result of net delay. If your ping time (top left corner while playing) is greater than 400, the game compensates for your lag by slowing down the game speed. This is unavoidable due to your internet connection and cannot be resolved by us.

Other Issues and Concerns
Most in game issues /questions can be answered by a moderator,  Speak to any on-line moderators by typing in ?help then your message in game.

The best way to get answer to any other question is to posted on the forums, under the visit Gecko-Games button.

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