Update Log 2 – Hangar, Item Portraits

February 19, 2022

Update Log #2

For the year 2022, we’ve committed to trying to provide a monthly Stellar Conflicts updates leading up to release. Here’s the monthly update of our progress for the month of February.

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Minimaps and Dogfighting

Continuing our work at improving features that were in last year’s prototype, this month we re-implemented (and improved) the mini-map and the galaxy maps. Drakeor was hard at work this month making sure that the AI code he wrote for the ships worked within our new Client/Server architecture.

As you can see, below, we implemented a mini-map and galaxy map showing off team colors. Sectors are divided like the original game but ships are color coded to specific teams. In both views, you’ll see the ships dogfighting.

UI Design

UI is, obviously, a very important part of any game. The original flash game had a passable UI, but we want to surpass that and deliver one that works with modern UX. That being said, you can see the below screenshot reflects a bit of the original game.

Over the next few months, we’ll show more of the UI and the changes that it’s been going through compared to the prototype and the original flash game! For now, here’s a look at the redesigned title menu in the spirit of the old game.

New Ship Designs

Raygoe has taken the time to redesign the carrier from the original game. This will currently be the largest ship in the game. Like the original game, other ships can dock inside of the carrier. A deviation from the original game is we plan to have the carrier use only turrets as using fixed hardpoints would be near impossible. Here, you can see the human hornet flying past it for a size comparison.

Item Portraits

Raygoe also has been working on adding item portraits for the trade-goods. These will be used, eventually, by the UI when rendering the icons in the inventory. You can see a couple of them below!

The new item portrait for “Liquor”.
Ever wanted to cart an entire freighter of “Lollipops”? Me neither.


That’s all for this month’s Stellar Conflicts updates! Feel free to let us know what you think. We’re always on Discord. As always, thanks for your ongoing support.