Stellar Conflicts – HTML 5 Version
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Default Controls: (Viewable and customizable in game)
Forward / Reverse -> W / S
Rotate -> A / D
Strafe -> Q / E
Dock -> Collide into base
Speed Boost / Guns / Missiles-> Shift / Space / T

Quick tips:
While Playing, Use the In-Game help by pressing H (default – Unavaliable) you can view the map by pressing M (default).

Typing ?help followed by your message send a help message to any in-game moderators

Internet connectivity is important.  When entering the game, do not run any other programs that may alter your connection speed. The game needs to “synchronize” with the server for proper game play.

Ping times of <350ms are playable, <200ms are smooth.  If you cannot achieve this setting, you will notice a great deal of jumping within the game.

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