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Who Are We?

Stellar Conflicts (the version currently under development) is a remake of the original Stellar Conflicts I, II, and III games. The original Stellar Conflicts game was developed by Gecko Games in the early 2000s and was actively developed and maintained until the mid 2010s when everything was taken offline.


The remake is currently being built in C#/Unity. Our goal is to try to emulate as much of the feel of the Original Stellar Conflicts while introducing new features to modernize the game. These features may be features that were planned in the original but were never implemented, or brand new features altogether. We are trying our best to strike a balance between the original functionality and new features interpreted into the Stellar Conflicts universe.

Feedback and Suggestions

If you’d like to contribute and provide feedback, please join us on our Discord. If you were a member of the Original Stellar Conflicts, your feedback is even more important to us. Since part of our goal is preserving the original feel, community feedback will usually go through Raygoe.

For more information on our community, Visit our Communities Page.

Development Team

Currently, our development team consists of Raygoe and Drakeor. Both are full-time software engineers who work on this game in their free time. The development load is equally split between both of them.